Most Trending Essay Writing Topics in 2021

Most Trending Essay Writing Topics in 2021

An essay is a universal assessment instrument used by teachers all over the world. So, if you are attending a middle or high school, you are probably dealing with this form of an academic assignment. 

There are different essay types you might be familiar with or are yet to discover. You might also be having different writing experiences. For example, you might enjoy the fact that your teacher sets one topic for the class, and you just write on it. Maybe the idea that you’ve got to find current issues to write about by yourself drives you crazy, and you’d better work on a given prompt.

Anyway, one day or another, you will get an assignment to write the essay on the topic of your own choice. If the topic selection challenges you immensely, we’ve put out a list of trending essay topics you can easily make use of. 

How Do You Define Whether the Topic Is Good?

When you are following the teacher’s instructions and are writing on the offered prompt, that might reduce a lot of headaches for you. However, life is life and you’ve got to pick one by yourself. 

That’s where the daunting part begins because you can literally write on anything your heart desires. But let us warn you that’s not the best approach to selecting a topic. Let us share some recommendations with you before we provide you with the lists of popular essay topics.

It Should Be Applicable for the Defined Essay Type

Not all essays are equal, so are their topics. For example, when you get an assignment to brush on compare and contrast writing skills, you will want to make sure the topic allows you to find similar and different aspects of two objects. 

So, always have the essay type in mind and test whether the topic would enable you to stick to the requirements of the paper.

Are You Sure That the Subject Hasn’t Been Exhausted Long Time Ago?

If you want your paper to be a success, you’ve got to think of the relevance of the paper to present days. Usually, the ones that rely on new interesting topics to write about make the best essays in the class.

A lot of events happen in the world every day. So, if you want to impress the teacher with a fresh topic, do it! Monitor some of the recent events and share your ideas about them in your paper.

Make Cartan You’ve Got What to Say

Have you chosen the most intricate essay topic? So now what? You can’t put even two words together and not a single idea crosses your mind.

Just cool off and select the subject matter you are well-versed at. It’s just an essay, not rocket science, so it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

New Interesting Topics to Write About

List of General Topics for Essay Writing

If you are writing a paper for, let’s say, an English class, you might not be limited by the topic. The objective of your paper is to ensure you hone the skills of crafting a specific essay type, so you are free to go with the subject that looks appealing to you.

We’ve gathered some of the most trendsetting general topics that might catch your eye. Just remember that you are always free to use them the way they are or upgrade them with additional details to look more appealing to you:

  1. The difference between what I want and have to do in my life.
  2. Why love doesn’t always make us happy?
  3. Is Covid-19 a biological weapon?
  4. How higher education is related to my future career.
  5. The brightest day in our family life.
  6. The vivid world of the Internet and why we spend less time offline.
  7. The day when the electricity stopped working all over the world.
  8. Is there any limit to self-improvement?
  9. The reasons that stand behind the decline of the number of animals in the world.  
  10. Can dreams come true without a plan?
  11. To what extent do you agree that all forms of advertising should be banned forever?
  12. The ways I can make pocket money as a high school student.
  13. Should an age limit be set for social media users?
  14. How our family conserves water every day.
  15. Do you believe that people should not intrude into the process of the species distinction and let animals disappear naturally?
  16. The reasons I am against using animals in the circus.
  17. Globalization of the world economy: its pros and cons.
  18. Do newspapers remain the main source of reading news?
  19. Should children be taught presentation skills in school?
  20. Why do students get distracted during lessons at school?
  21. Big winnings and failures: is there a connection between these things?
  22. Books are almost dead. How can teens be encouraged to read?
  23. Do we really learn through experience?
  24. The trip I will never forget.
  25. Is it possible to be a member of society and be free?
  26. Money: is it a goal or a means of attaining the things you crave?
  27. The deed I am proud of.
  28. If I wake up as a president one day.
  29. What it takes to be a good son/daughter.
  30. The word is the most powerful weapon. It can heal and kill.

Check Out Factual Essay Topics

If you’ve got to work on a factual essay, it means that you have to produce a piece of writing that is filled with facts to support your point of view or talk about the subject. It is based on facts rather than your own vision of the topic and is backed by statistics, thoughts of leaders of the industry, and so on:

  1. Does every business need protection against cybercrimes?
  2. How music affects our body.
  3. The new stamps of Covid-19: is there a chance to find a cure?
  4. Why should students work out during their sessions?
  5. The most effective punishment for severe juvenile offenders.
  6. What do the dreading statistics about the use of drugs in college want to tell us?
  7. Modern shopping: how technology enhances user experience.
  8. Cities are suffocating: why should city dwellers give up their cars and switch to alternative commuting means?
  9. The right to vote: should the minimum voting age be changed in the USA?
  10. Political correctness is shaping the way we talk and think.
  11. Domestic violence as a result of the lack of education.
  12. Who makes the best leaders: men or women?
  13. Are humans in charge of fighting climate change?
  14. Should graduate college students consider LinkedIn as a job search platform?
  15. What’s the future of programming? Will the position of programmer exist in 50 years?
  16. Should parents with disabilities be allowed to take care of kids?
  17. Covid-19 vaccination: disease prevention or the way to control masses?
  18. Should junk food be forbidden for kids under 12 years?
  19. The risk of asking the Internet rather than visiting a doctor when you notice troubling symptoms.
  20. Global warming: is it a result of human activity or another leap in the Earth’s development?
  21. Can online chatting replace real communication?
  22. Stereotypes about domestic violence: men are not the only offenders.
  23. The impact of violent video games on the kid’s psyche.
  24. Should HRs check the candidate’s social media profiles before approving them for the position?
  25. Is corruption an enemy to the country’s development?
  26. The reasons for the increase of sexual violence.

Popular Essay Topics

Essay Writing Topics in English for ESL Students

English is a global language. That is why students all over the globe know that London is the capital of Great Britain and that the American presidents reside in the White House in Washington D.C. They not only study the vocabulary and grammar of the language but also get acquainted with the cultures of the countries that have English as the official language. 

The learners are taught the English words in a context, so they memorize new vocabulary through real or fictional situations. The objective of the ESL discipline is to ensure students could express their thoughts or communicate with other people on a wide range of topics. That is why they write essays on various subjects to let that vocabulary stick in their minds. Here is a list of the latest topics for essay writing so you could get some more practice:

  1. What’s your biggest goal for this year?
  2. Things I enjoy doing when I have free time.
  3. The sightseeing in [city] I would like to visit.
  4. Are e-books any better than paper books?
  5. Music is a melody of our soul.
  6. The book that made a lasting impression on me.
  7. Describe one of your favorite paintings.
  8. Should smartphones be banned at school?
  9. The person I admire.
  10. The most striking American traditions.
  11. The childhood memory I will never forget.
  12. Is there a place for prejudice in modern society?
  13. The pet peeve that drives you crazy.
  14. What can I do to save the Planet?
  15. How gadgets can enhance the learning skills of students.
  16. Why I decided to study abroad.
  17. My small actions can contribute to the prevention of global warming.
  18. The clothes I wear every day.
  19. Being a teenager is hard: the hormones and the establishment of a personality.
  20. The country I would like to visit.