Military Research Paper Topic Ideas

Military Research Paper Topic Ideas

Do you feel like there’s nothing new you can write on military research? Does it feel old and boring? That’s because you’re looking at it all wrong and missing the exciting new ideas you could be researching! Today we share our take on the most intriguing and promising military research areas to help you succeed in school and make an impression on your profs.

Relevant Military Research Paper Topic Ideas

Can you guess what makes military research so lifeless and dull? The issue lies with the stale topics most students choose! While it’s vital to learn from history to avoid repeating the same mistakes, researching relevant topics grounded in the current threats and military advancements is equally crucial. 

We’ve selected three major military directions and devised a list of relevant topics that will remain fresh and exciting for a couple of years. All you have to do is choose the subject you’re interested in and alter the scope and wording of the topic to suit your assignment prompt.

Army Topics for Your Research

  1. The barriers for hypersonic plane and missile adoption.
  2. The inefficiency of sanctions against Iran’s UAV program.
  3. The limited options for pregnant cadets and potential regulatory solutions.
  4. The funding and prioritization issues of supplying women’s body armor.
  5. Increased connectivity over large distances via the use of novel electric drones.
  6. The issues in the way of army installations’ energy resilience.
  7. The reasons behind the army’s resistance to introducing low-band telehealth to the battlefield.
  8. Changes in military training to account for the use of battlefield artificial intelligence.
  9. The overlap in the military trimming and unfunded priority lists.
  10. The challenges of transferring the military from the army to the Space Force.
  11. The risks of using startups in the ‘data war’ against China and Russia.
  12. An overview of the state of the army’s weapons and ordnance.
  13. Satellites to be used to inform requirements for future long-range strike capabilities.
  14. Maintaining army combat readiness through decentralization.
  15. The long-term implications of a nuclear tri-polar world.

Researchable Veteran Essay Ideas

  1. Addressing the psychological and emotional issues faced by the veterans.
  2. Supportive video game communities to help veterans combat PTSD.
  3. The effectiveness of readjustment counseling for Afghanistan veterans.
  4. The VA healthcare workers vaccination mandate to protect the veterans. 
  5. Efficient strategies for transitioning the veterans to post-military education.
  6. The barriers stopping veterans from enrolling in the VA health coverage programs.
  7. The effect of the eviction moratorium elapses on the number of homeless veterans.
  8. The effectiveness of the use of service dogs and horses for veterans struggling with PTSD.
  9. The potential applications of medical marijuana in veteran healthcare.
  10. Violence tolerance among the veterans as compared to the general population.

Military Persuasive Speech Topics

War Research Topics

  1. The causes and implications of the Taliban strategic momentum post the US military withdrawal.
  2. The effectiveness of globe-spanning naval drills for future conflicts resolution.
  3. The new standards and requirements for drone strikes in Biden’s administration.
  4. An overview of DOD procedures for the loss or compromise of the Presidential Emergency Satchel.
  5. The space norms applied to military operations.
  6. Mastering new military technologies to prevent the WWI or WWII-level slaughter.
  7. Information warfare potential in the face of Kremlin’s new security strategy.
  8. Why Afghanistan operations are an unwinnable war.
  9. The freedom-of-navigation exercises, disrupted by the authoritarian states.
  10. NATO’s strategies for countering China and Russia aggression.
  11. The risks of the Afghanistan war spilling across the borders to neighboring states.
  12. The rise of killer robots to be used in World War III and ways to stop them.
  13. The effect of the civil war on ethnic minority groups in Ethiopia.
  14. The use of migrants in hybrid warfare in Eastern Europe.
  15. A case for increasing the pace of decades-old war crime trials. 

Military Topics to Write About by Genre

Research papers aren’t the only popular assignment when it comes to the military. Although all the ideas below can be adjusted to expand into research pieces, we’ve tailored them to suit short-form assignments. As always, essay and military persuasive speech topics are yours to tweak until they fit the scope of your assignment.

Military Speech Topics

  1. The possible international conflicts around building military bases on the Moon.
  2. Additional training is the only way to minimize training deaths among the service members.
  3. Cyberwarfare can be stopped by proper education and training at all levels.
  4. The melting ice increases the number of submarines in the Arctic and complicates sonar operation.
  5. The US needs a Department of Cybersecurity to counter external and internal threats.
  6. Rapid data sharing can accelerate warfare and increase the chance of victory.
  7. Military targets are defenseless against cyberattacks because of years-old vulnerabilities.
  8. China and Russia to become the primary targets for the US military after the missions in Afghanistan and Iraq end.
  9. The threat of China’s new cybersecurity center in Wuhan.
  10. Keeping the troop size within manageable limits without giving up defensibility.

Military Essay Topics

  1. The implications of military drills held amid security concerns.
  2. The recent regulatory changes protecting service members and veterans.
  3. The short-term and long-term effects of recalling the US military from Afghanistan.
  4. The legal implications of Covid-19 vaccination mandate for the military.
  5. The drain of National Guard resources caused by the climate changes.
  6. The use of satellite-mounted radar to locate illegal fishing fleets and other naval national security threats.
  7. Analysis of the Pentagon’s security issues and breaches over the last decade.
  8. The need for increased connectivity of the new weapons under development.
  9. The Covid-19 transmission rate on military bases and inside the Pentagon.
  10. The implications of the US wargaming loss in the battle for Taiwan.

Now when you’ve found the perfect topic for your research paper, essay, or speech, comes the hardest part. You have to research and write the thing, which takes time and energy you’re probably missing. If that’s the case, get in touch, and we’ll find the best writer to take over the task for you.