LGBT Research Paper Topics

LGBT Research Paper Topics

Sexual minority issues are diverse and challenging as ever, despite the positive changes occurring over the past decades. Choosing the LGBTQ research area can be equally challenging as you need to have a basic understanding of the background and be sure there are enough sources to reference. To help you make the final decision, we’ve done all the preliminary work for you and created this list of relevant topics that are fresh, researchable, and exciting. So take your pick and go for it!

LGBT Topics for Research and Term Papers

These 45 ideas are tailored for long-form college and high school assignments. They call for intensive research and enough citations to support your claims. That’s why they are perfectly suited for research and term papers, though some can be expanded into a thesis. You can use any of the topics as they are or tweak the scope and focus of the research to better fit your interests and your professor’s prompt.

Relevant LGBT Research Paper Topics

  1. The historical use of mental illness as a tool against LGBT rights.
  2. The legal implications of the Supreme Court’s support of religious liberty over LGBTQ rights.
  3. Medical students’ preparedness and comfort in treating LGBTQ patients.
  4. The role of age and race in risk-taking behavior among LGBT adults.
  5. Sexual health exam concerns among LGBTQ youth.
  6. The effects of education on prejudice towards gender and sexual diversity.
  7. The causes of heterosexism among social work students.
  8. Psychological interventions to prevent internalized homophobia in LGBTQ adults.
  9. The disparities in LGBT medical rights and healthcare outcomes exacerbated by the pandemic.
  10. The protective functions of faith communities for LGBTQ people.
  11. The role of trauma in underpinning sexualized drug use among LGBTQ adults.
  12. A desire for genetic relatedness with one’s child in gay and bisexual men’s family-building choices.
  13. The health needs of female-to-male transmasculine adults.
  14. The representation of two-Mum and two-Dad families in children’s books.
  15. The impact of hate crimes on LGBT adults in Muslim communities.

Gay Rights Research Paper

Gay Rights Research Paper Ideas

  1. An overview of the international state of gay marriage legislation.
  2. The differences in anti-gay bills in Ghana, Poland and Hungary.
  3. Food and economic insecurity among adult LGBT Americans.
  4. Religious schools discrimination against LGBTQ+ staff and students.
  5. The digital surveillance and online discrimination against LGBT people in the Middle East and North Africa.
  6. The consequences of the Chinese members of the LGBT community being viewed as agents of foreign influence.
  7. The conflict between the supporters of ‘marriage for all’ and the proponents of Christian values in Switzerland.
  8. LGBT candidates still face electoral discrimination in advanced democracies.
  9. The need to prohibit forced medical procedures in homosexuality prosecutions.
  10. Barriers to mental health care for LGBTQ youth.
  11. The conflicting takes on a gay rights bill in the Vatican and Italian Parliament.
  12. Balancing religious freedom and criminal discrimination against the gay rights.
  13. The need for reparations to let the LGBT rights move forward.
  14. Legal action to be taken by the EU against member states over LGBT rights.
  15. The advancement and regression of gay rights across the globe.

Transgender Research Paper Topics

  1. Bringing transgender and non-binary understanding to language education.
  2. An exploration of school staff’s understanding of trans and gender diversity.
  3. Healthcare needs and access barriers for transgender and gender diverse people.
  4. Lessons from violent victimization of transgender-identified individuals.
  5. The global trends of transphobic gender violence.
  6. The representation of transgender athletes at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.
  7. The legal implications of Christian doctors refusing to perform transgender surgery.
  8. The reasons behind the higher risk of HIV among transgender women.
  9. An overview of school board policy changes regarding the transgender students.
  10. The causes of an influx of transgender hate crime in NYC.
  11. An overview of the transgender actors and actresses recent successes.
  12. Finding the balance between fairness, safety and inclusion in Olympic guidelines for transgender athletes.
  13. The rise of gender-affirming care as the best way to provide care to transgender children.
  14. The increased risk of Alzheimer’s symptom development in transgender and nonbinary adults.
  15. Improving healthcare and housing conditions for transgender inmates.

LGBT Topics for Essays and Discussions

Research papers aren’t the only assignment type you’re likely to face throughout your LGBTQ studies. Essays, discussions, debates, and case studies are all common and equally important for gaining high grades and boosting your GPA. With your school needs in mind, we’ve collected a list of LGBT debate topics, discussion and essay ideas. They share a narrower scope and a more argumentative nature than our research ideas. Besides, they are all suitable for short-form pieces with barely a few sources.

LGBT Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Gay labor migration and unequal work environments.
  2. The sexual and demographic characteristics of nonheterosexual individuals who adopt queer and pansexual identities.
  3. The prevalence of atheism in LGBTQ communities.
  4. The association between suicide risk and sexual minority status.
  5. Promoting gender and sexual orientation diversity in children and adolescents in schools.
  6. The rise of nonsuicidal self-injury among heterosexual and sexual minority youth.
  7. The correlations between sexism and the attitudes toward LGBT people.
  8. Support strategies for trans students in primary and secondary schools.
  9. Solving the problem of homeless LGBTQ youth.
  10. Local resistance to LGBTQ rights in authoritarian states and beyond.

LGBT Debate Topics

LGBT Group Discussion Topics

  1. Relationships between mental health and migration among gay-identified men in North America.
  2. Continuing barriers to changing legally recognized gender for transgender people in the US and abroad.
  3. Respecting gender diversity through adding a third gender option in passports and other documents.
  4. Excluding transgender children from sports is depriving them of their rights.
  5. The correlation between beliefs about the nature of sexual orientation and sexual identity outcomes.
  6. Ways to protect the transgender community from historically high levels of violence.
  7. The global state of conversion therapy.
  8. Comparative analysis of suicidal ideation and behavior among sexual minority and heterosexual youth.
  9. The need for improved nurse faculty knowledge about LGBTQ obstetrical health issues.
  10. Improved research into the health of LGBT individuals is necessary.

LGBT Debate Topics

  1. Marriage equality should work the same for straight or LGBTQ couples.
  2. The US government should prioritize regulations fighting the discrimination against LGBTQ families and people.
  3. Jurors are biased against the defendant’s sexual orientation.
  4. The blood ban for gay and bisexual men must be lifted, especially in times of the pandemic.
  5. The pandemic and economic crises affected queer people of color most.
  6. Political debate on LGBT rights contributes to homophobic bullying at school.
  7. Informed consent is critical when someone experiences same-sex attraction and pursues change.
  8. The higher rates of depression, substance abuse and suicidality among LGBTQ people is the result of societal prejudice and oppression.
  9. Depriving LGBT people of their human rights cannot be justified on the grounds of religion, culture or tradition.
  10. Discrimination affects LGBT workers’ economic wellbeing, leading to unemployment, homelessness, poor health and food insecurity.

Hopefully, you’ll find inspiration using our list of LGBT essay topics and research ideas and find the issue you’re excited to write about. But if you need an extra push in the right direction or want more help with your paper, you can always reach out to our experts. They will happily do the work for you, be it an essay outline, a research paper, or a round of proofreading and editing.