How to Make a Research Paper Longer

How to Make a Research Paper Longer

Oops, it seems like your research paper or essay is not long enough to meet the teacher’s standards. You’ve said all you wanted on the topic, but it’s not sufficient. That is why you are looking for a way to elongate an essay or another paper.

Your friends recommended you cheat. They increased the line spacing to make the paper look longer. They also repeated the same idea but in different words all over again, creating a sort of informational crime. They spelled numbers and even ditched the contractions to add extra words to their work.

But you are not that type. You want to play the honest game and maintain the quality of your paper. We take a lot of pride in you and would like to help you face this challenge with your head held high. 

How Long Should Your Paper Be?

Of course, there are commonly accepted standards that define the volume of your work. For instance, as you are working on the high-school level essay, get ready to put out something from the range of 300 to 1,000 words. An admission essay is somewhat shorter, and it consists of around 250 to 350 words. As you take on a research paper, you are supposed to come up with work that is around 5 pages long. When considering the word count, it's between 3,000 to 10,000 words.

As you see, the word range is really dramatic. Besides, every teacher has a right to set their own parameters for the volume of your work, so keep this factor in mind as well. Check the instructions provided with the assignment and stick with the rules if you would like to get brilliant and highly estimated work.

What if You Fail to Meet the Length Requirement?

Are you really ought to make a research paper longer if it doesn’t comply with the instructions? If the difference is insignificant, then you should stop bothering yourself with the paper extension thing. Most likely, it won’t have any negative effect on your final score.

Once you find out that you like 100 or 200 words, it’s better to put in extra effort and increase the length of your work in one of the ways we’ll suggest below. Of course, that’s not the end of the world, but we bet you want your contribution and effort to pay off.

Here are the consequences of avoiding working harder on the volume of your work:

  • show that you can’t keep up with simple instructions;
  • get a lower grade, even if your paper is flawless;
  • risk not including all the pieces of information you were supposed to;
  • feel dissatisfied with your work;
  • are disappointed because your effort wasn’t evaluated in a proper way.

That is why it’s a wise decision to start looking for ways to ‘make my paragraph longer.’ When you fulfill this requirement, you have much higher odds to obtain a satisfactory grade for your academic paper.

To Elongate an Essay

Sustainable Ways to Make Your Essay Longer

It looks like you’ve been researching and typing your paper for ages, but it is still not enough. We know that’s a terrible feeling, and you are around to shut your computer and leave things the way they are. But we strongly insist that you exercise tolerance and stick with your assignment for at least 30 minutes. We bet you’ll be able to change the situation for the better and pick the right words to make your essay longer.

Meanwhile, we are sharing tips that might work for you and your paper.

Study One More Resource

Thinking about how to add more to a paper? A research paper is a formidable task, and it might take ages for you to get an understanding of what the passage is about and what’s the point of the section to add more thoughts of your own.

However, there is a trick that would enable you to add extra 200-300 words at one time. Just find an additional resource you didn’t include in your paper and show how it adds to the understanding of your topic in the review section.

This might take some time, but it would ensure you can get the desired length of your paper in an honest and useful way.

Add a Quote

This is a simple trick that would enable you to increase essay length in minutes. Just add a citation to your paper and mix it with your comments on it in relation to the subject.

It’s a good idea to add a quote to the beginning of your work. You can also use it in one of the body paragraphs to illustrate or prove your point of view.

Just don’t forget to format the reference properly if you are writing a research paper . Besides, support the extract from the original text with your own reflection.

Provide One More Argument

Usually, an essay contains 2-3 arguments in its body. But no one says it’s the limit. If you would like to figure out how to lengthen an essay while maintaining the excellent quality of your work, here is a tip for you.

Think of an additional argument that would support the core idea of your work. Mix it with your findings, thoughts, and reliable data from trusted resources. You can add up to 300 words in one go without compromising the quality of your paper.

Illustrate More Examples

Examples are so great because they allow you to see that your point is right and showcase the application of your theory. But that’s not all. They also extend your paper while making it a brighter one.

So, if you do not know how to make your essay longer, just provide visible evidence or concrete illustration to add extra words to your paper.

Inject Transition Phrases

If you’ve almost reached the word limit and lack an insignificant amount of words to meet the requirement, there is a quick way to get things done. Just add transition words and phrases between the paragraphs and some sentences. That’s how to extend an essay without a titanic effort from your side.

But we’ve got a warning for you. Transition phrases work great only when they are used moderately and to the point. So do not overuse them in an attempt to make your work longer.