Easy Statistics Research Paper Topics for College Students

Easy Statistics Research Paper Topics for College Students

Students have to complete various writing assignments all the time. Statistics students, though, have to complete their very own specific essays. They need to learn how to write statistics research papers. Of course, writing such an assignment for the first time can be confusing and scary. How to approach it? What are the rules and requirements there? Most importantly, what to write about? All of these questions are valid. However, finding good statistical research project ideas can be the hardest part of the entire process. 

Having a good idea for writing can ensure you 50% of your future success. The rest will only depend on how well you can implement it. So, rightfully, students are very concerned about finding the best topics for their essays. Fortunately for you, we can help you with this task. This article will give you examples of good and easy statistical research topics for college students. However, first, let’s recall what research papers are all about. 

What Is a Research Paper? 

A research paper is a writing assignment that is heavily based on a literature review. Writers have to seek numerous sources and data that help them build their cases. Overall, this work aims to bring multiple pieces of information together to interpret them and support your thesis statement. A student must take a specific theme and idea and explore it in their work. In the end, their readers must know everything they need to know about that topic and the findings that you have discovered.

How to Write a Statistical Analysis Paper? 

Now, a statistics research paper is not much different from any other. However, this time, your goal is to form statistical research questions instead of any other type of thesis statement. Hence, the numerical data should become the essence of your future work. 

Statistical Research Project Ideas

How to Choose Good Statistical Research Topics

Now, as you know the basic requirements for the paper, you can have an easier time searching for the most appropriate ideas to use. Of course, finding topics for statistics essays takes time and skills. You should develop a strategy for finding the best ideas and apply them in practice. 

Overall, the key is to go with the themes and areas of studies you know and like. Don’t settle on the ideas that are too complicated or confusing to you. Also, avoid themes that are too broad or generic. Instead, you need to find something original, unique, and interesting. Hence, if it is interesting to you, it will be so to others as well. 

Next, seek the theme where you have an abundance of ways to go. This way, you can always back up a little and take a new approach whenever you hit the corner. Don’t be afraid to adjust your ideas and thought process along the way. 

Also, don’t ever settle on the idea before you have done your research. You have to make sure that you can find enough data and sources to base your arguments. After all, you can have a statistics paper without the numerical data, can’t you?

Last but not least, do ask your instructor's opinion on the matter. They can give you some tips on how to approach your ideas. As long as they approve your topic, you should be good to go. 

Easy Statistics Research Paper Topics

Sometimes we all end up at a dead-end in our search. There can be either too many or too few ideas to choose from. That’s okay. It happens to the best of us. However, don’t fall into despair. You can easily find some inspirations online, like in our guide. Here are some examples of stats research topics according to different categories. Pick the area you are interested in exploring. Maybe, see the ideas that we offer for you. Maybe you can find something to write about in your next assignment.

Sports Statistics Paper Ideas

Sport is a great field for testing your stats ideas. Quite frankly, most sports exist solely on numbers. So picking this area for your research can be a great choice. Here are some of the topics you can use in your future works: 

  1. The comparison analysis. What sports are more aggressive?
  2. The most common injuries among heavy lifters and bodybuilders.
  3. Statistical analysis of head injuries among athletes in team sports.
  4. The statistics of health-threatening crashes in Formula 1 from the 1950s till the present day. 
  5. The assessment of injuries that sportsmen can require during the competition (game) vs. training.
  6. Statistical evaluation of drug usage in the professional sport over the past two decades.
  7. How can statistical insights help to improve a team's performance on the field? 
  8. The review of various leg injuries in professional football.
  9. The analysis of income level among female and male professional athletes in various sports (choose several sports for comparison). 
  10. Do sports in college distract students from academia? The assessment of grades among professional college athletes. 

Psychology Statistics Ideas

Psychology is a complicated but highly interesting area of study. It can take years to understand and feel comfortable with all the nuances of this profession. Yet, numbers and stats can make this task much simpler. Psychology can be a very abstract science. However, it doesn't mean you can’t apply stats here. Of course, you can! Here are some examples of how you can do it:

  1. The causes of obesity. The assessment of mental health disorders in obesity cases among teenagers. 
  2. Statistical analysis of anxiety disorders among teenagers. 
  3. The spread of loneliness in urban areas. The increase of people suffering from loneliness in big cities. 
  4. The causes of bullying in schools. The assessment of cases of antisocial, aggressive behavior among teenagers.
  5. The assessment of the leading causes of depression among adolescents in the US.
  6. Do parents play a crucial role in building their children’s self-esteem? The case study.
  7. The symptoms of burnout at work. The statistical analysis of its causes. 
  8. Statistical evidence of factors that contribute to suicidal thoughts among adults. 
  9. The effects of divorce on children under 13. The statistical analysis of the children with mental disorders from the parents' separation. 
  10. How does misogyny affect women's psychological state? 

Statistical Analysis Paper

Business Statistical Topics

The business world would not survive without numbers. There is no other way to describe markets, set prices, evaluate productivity, and respond to various changes and shifts in the financial world. Stats is the very language of the business world. It is crucial to understand it if you ever want to succeed in this endeavor. Here are some examples of how you can analyze stats in research papers:

  1. The assessment of banks’ accessibility for people of different races in the US.
  2. The comparison of female and male employers on leading managerial positions. 
  3. Statistical analysis of factors that contribute to employees' poor work ethics and low productivity.
  4. The comparison of different work schedules and their influence on work productivity.
  5. The cases of female sexual harassment at the workplace in comparison to male sexual harassment.
  6. The analysis of advertisements’ success by measuring the sales rates.
  7. Statistical assessment of female productivity rates vs. male rate at the same job positions. 
  8. How to apply statistical assessments in business. Case example.
  9. The assessment of happiness level among employees of different ends of the pay scale from lowest to the highest. 
  10. The average description of a manager on the higher end salary in [insert the name of the company] across the globe. 

Socio-Economics Ideas for Statistics Research Paper

We tend to measure our lives in numbers. How much people earn, how many hours they work, what types of lifestyles they have. All of these questions can be measured in numbers. Hence, it’s possible to analyze a person’s life based on numerical data. Let’s see how you can use such info in your papers: 

  1. Statistical analysis of income in impoverished neighborhoods vs. middle-class neighborhoods.
  2. The analysis on the criminal offenses in two different districts/towns/countries (pick the regions of your choice).
  3. Food habits among people of various socio-economic classes.
  4. The analysis of dysfunctional families and the role of income level in it. 
  5. The connection between the economic prosperity of a nation and the birth and death rates of infants.
  6. The statistical analysis of road incidents and their causes in the chosen region (pick a region).
  7. The possibility of employment in impoverished neighborhoods vs. middle-class neighborhoods.
  8. The housing discrimination policy in the US. The complete analysis of the racial policies in the banking system.
  9. The statistics of the death penalty verdicts over the past three decades.
  10. The assessment of the AIDS prevalence and the regions where they dominate. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, numeric data is all around us. It describes how we live, what we buy, and how we work. Overall, it’s not that hard to find the data for your papers. The hardest part is to narrow down your choices and find something interesting and worth writing about. Fortunately, you can rely on these examples to make your own topic for a research paper. If anything, you can use those ideas that we gave you. Just don’t forget to bring something from yourself to the discussion. Good luck!