Abortion Research Paper Topic Ideas

Abortion Research Paper Topic Ideas

Young people go to college to improve their hard and soft skills in the chosen major, find new friends, and broaden their horizons. Professors who teach at higher academic institutions force their students to deal with acute and sometimes controversial issues. Certain themes can trigger a wide range of emotions and provoke disputes. A paper on abortion is on the list of the most ambiguous and multi-faceted themes young people can deal with since it involves ethical, medical, religious, and moral issues. It doesn’t matter how progressive our society is, but some topics continue to serve as a stumbling block.

In most cases, people cannot treat this theme calmly. Thus, while one party will advocate it, others will argue against it. The latter sometimes even cross the line in an attempt to persuade the former. Hence, such an assignment requires in-depth research and the usage of credible sources to prove any stance.

Abortion Research Paper Features

Even though you can put this piece of academic writing on equal par with similar assignments, the very subject requires a more attentive approach due to its controversial nature. You will have to go deep down the question to examine and analyze it from different perspectives. The research findings will become the foundation of your argumentative or analytical essay. Only a persuasive essay on abortion will be based more on your emotions and experiences. However, the latter is less common compared to the previous ones. In other words, if you want to convince your readers of something, you should do your best to provide credible evidence to back up your standpoint.

Usually, one party believes that it is up to a woman to decide whether she wants to carry a pregnancy or not. Another one considers this question from a religious point of view and believes that it’s a huge sin on equal par with murder since a fetus is the same human being. Thus, if you have got an assignment to work with abortion topics for argumentative essays, you should take one of the sides and provide strong arguments to convince your target audience. An analytical research paper requires examining both sides of the question, evaluating the key arguments, and analyzing both approaches, considering their weak and strong sides. Even though religion plays a special role here, you shouldn’t dwell on it only.

Research Questions on Abortion

Abortion Research Paper Topic Ideas

A complete success of an essay may greatly depend on its theme and your interest in it. Therefore, when it comes to choosing an appropriate topic, it is worth treating this task seriously. You can come upon many good titles for abortion essays on the internet, and each of them will consider the question from a different perspective. Therefore, it is better to opt for the one you can manage and research properly. If you have no idea what you would like to write about, you can pick up one of the below-mentioned options or use them as an inspiration source to develop something else:

  1. Correlation between the birth rate and legalization of abortion.
  2. State regulation of pregnancy termination in the USA.
  3. Ethical aspects of pregnancy termination.
  4. Global changes in the regulation of pregnancy termination worldwide.
  5. Health consequences of pregnancy termination.
  6. Is abortion one of the human rights?
  7. How can abortion affect a woman’s mental state?
  8. Legal vs. moral sides of the abortion conflict.
  9. Is abortion for medical reasons murder from a religious point of view?
  10. Abortion: human vs. gender issues.
  11. What social strata resort to abortion oftener?
  12. Can a male decide on the pregnancy termination?
  13. Is abortion only a woman’s or family’s issue?
  14. Abortion law in Poland.
  15. Mental issues of abortion vs. unwanted pregnancy.
  16. Pregnancy termination in the Middle East.
  17. Can abortion be morally justified?
  18. Is abortion more of a family’s or society’s issue?
  19. Is forced pregnancy better than abortion?
  20. Is abortion the same sin as the murder of an adult person?
  21. Dreadful consequences of prohibition of abortion.
  22. Pregnancy termination: can a society decide for a woman?
  23. Most widespread reasons women seek an abortion.
  24. The necessity of mental rehabilitation after abortion.
  25. The moral aspect of abortion after rape.

When selecting a suitable topic, you should make sure it can address abortion research questions and give you some food for thought. It is up to you to decide from what perspective you will study the issue, so don’t be afraid to upset anyone, advocating your stance.

How to Answer Research Questions on Abortion

Like any other theme, this one requires a serious approach on your part. You can start with developing a well-crafted outline to have the whole picture in front of your eyes. Take your time to reflect on each point of your essay since the work should look holistic and flow logically. Devote special attention to the thesis statement since it will outline supporting arguments of your paper and show in what direction you should move further. When you organize your paper’s structure, staying focused on the research questions will be easier. You will need to do proper research and provide strong arguments to back up your ideas. The length of your project will determine the number of points in the outline. Just make sure that you answer questions logically. A standard paper’s outline will look the following:

1. Introduction.

1.1. Catchy sentence.

1.2. Background information.

1.3. Thesis statement.

2. First research question.

2.1. Background info.

2.2. Credible evidence.

2.3. Answer to the question.

2.4. Transitional sentence.

3. Second research question.

3.1. Background info.

3.2. Strong argument.

3.3. Answer to the question.

3.4. Transitional sentence.

4. Third research question.

4.1. Background info.

4.2. Credible evidence.

4.3. Answer to the question.

4.4. Significance of the research.

5. Conclusion.

5.1. Paraphrased thesis statement.

5.2. Summary.

5.3. Food for thought.

Persuasive Essay on Abortion

Tips on How to Write a Research Paper on Abortion

When it comes to choosing titles for abortion essays, students should opt for something appealing to them and their potential readers. Such an approach increases the likelihood of getting a high grade. In addition, it can be overwhelming and challenging to work on controversial topics like abortion, especially if it triggers some negative emotions. Nonetheless, it is important to get oneself together and do qualitative research, approaching the question differently.

Organize Your Research

The more controversial and unpleasant the theme is, the more complicated and time-consuming it can become. However, proper planning and organization of the writing process can simplify this task. When you decide on the theme and the thesis statement, you can immerse yourself in research. Keep an outline in front of your eyes not to get off the course. You will move from one point to another, taking notes and making references.

Choose a Suitable Research Method

If you are new to academic writing, it is worth getting familiar with existing research methods that may come in handy. First, create a list of things that need to be done and set up a deadline for each stage. Thus, you will not give in to procrastination that easily, but see how many credible sources you should examine to provide strong evidence.

Stay Open-Minded and Reject Bias

If your professor has provided you with a theme of a research paper that runs counter to your beliefs, it can be hard to work on such an assignment. It would help if you made an effort to reject any bias on the topic and take a non-standard approach. Nobody says that you should betray your convictions, but it is worth taking a step away from your ego and look at the question differently. A research paper is about providing facts and evidence taken from credible sources, so just do your work at the best level possible.